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Blade of the Immortal Graphic Novel 11: Beasts

After traveling a long and perilous road together, Rin and her immoral bodyguard Manji have become separated, as Rin risks life and limb in her pursuit of her family's murderer, the ruthless Anotsu Kagehisa, leader of the outlaw Itto-Ryu sword school. Manji is slowly recovering - and reassembling - after being dismembered by Itto-ryu thugs, and has set off to find Rin.

Meanwhile, both friends and enemies are also assembling. Manji's ally, the beautiful assassin Hyakurin, has put a lot of Itto-ryu swordsmen under the dirt; but the tides are turned when she falls under the hands of a group of Itto-ryu killers who will go to any length (and spare no agonies) to get her to talk.

Collects issues #66-72 of the ongoing series.

Story and art by Hiroaki Samura.


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