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Puella Magi Madoka Magica DVD/Blu-ray 1 (Hyb) Limited Edition with CD

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Reviews of this title:

Candy R. Fleck - Feb 13 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Excellent start
Never saw this series besides amvs but my love of magical girls and series that turn the genre around fueled my cold buy of this item.

I picked up the LE because I LOVE LE's and packaging and wanted both the blu ray and DVD.

I must say watching the blu ray especially in certain area's of the series (trying to be fairly spoiler free here) look vibrant and just utterly gorgeous. I look forward to the LE set two and three that aniplex is putting out.

If you like series like utena, evongalion, and magical girl stuff this series is something to look at.

Now I bought the LE and am fairly satisfied with what they packed in it BUT I dislike how flimsy the box is for the price you're paying. I guess I may be so used to the boxes that come with funimation LE's but this is just cardboard, not a nice chipboard so be careful with handling it.

Brandon R. Barker - Feb 18 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Worth every single penny
Everybody has heard that PMMM is fantastic, I'm not going to bother explaining it. I'm going to talk about the packaging itself... It was just amazing. -The poster has two sides: 1 with the girls all sitting around on the grass (pretty nice), and one with Madoka hugging Homura (It is so kawaii my brain exploded). I am afraid of hanging it up... I don't want anything to happen to it. -The artbook contains episode guides (surprisingly spoiler free), some concept art (Alright, about what you would expect), a few promo art works (They look very nice), the thoughts of some of the staff (I love that it was included), a few 4koma featuring characters (Pretty alright), and is overall pretty awesome. -A pretty awesome box. It feels sturdier than it looked at first glance, and it looks very nice. I will proudly give it featured display it on my shelf. -Kyubey bumper stickers (I plan to put them on my guitar case). -Bluray/Dvd (Duh); pretty nice art on it and on the inside of the cover, even on the disks. -Soundtrack (Madoka has fantastic music, and the case looks incredibly nice/fancy). -Various art cards (I simply love the art on them, but I have no idea what to do with them. Along with the poster I don't want to just tack them into the wall, so I guess I could frame them or something). -You finally get the satisfaction of knowing that you have the ultimate version of one of the best anime series in recent history. I am so glad that I have 2 more coming my way; I can't wait to get them.

Even on my measly student budget I can't help but feel that this was worth the price.

Emmy J. Dunn - Mar 8 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
A wonderful series that was made more accessable by this English release!
I initially had a lot of card problems ordering this set, which was a problem on my end that I was not aware of. I thought it was a processing error on Rightstuf's part, and even called their customer service over the issue- they were EXTREMELY polite and helpful, and eventually they even helped me figure out what was wrong with my card info. Very happy with the service from the staff in that respect, which made me less cranky that my Madoka shipment was delayed because my card didn't work. XD

The product was shipped in a cardboard casing to protect it, and the box set itself was wrapped in plastic film. It was a very simple package, and mine had suffered no damage during its shipment. Both disc cases and all the extras were inside the box set, which means that without them in there the disc cases are easy to remove (I always have trouble with the Grip of Death a box set has on its cases inside!). The layout and artwork on the packaging and booklets is all authentic and very pretty. The extras are all simply translations of extras and bonuses from Japan, so English-speaking fans can now own them for themselves. I realyl love the effort and style put into all the packaging, casing and extras.

My only complaint about the inserts would be that on the interview pages in the extra booklet, the text can get hard to read. All the pages have a lovely screencapture as a background, and then the interview translation text is overlayed on top. It is readable, and it doesn't compromise the image's appeal, but I personally think they should have put a transparent text box so as to make the print a little easier on the eyes.

The DVD menus are simple, and contain cute character art and soundtrack music. You can easily choose the English dun or Japanese language tracks. I wish they had given an option for the Japanese audio without subtitles, but selecting the Japanese language automatically turns them on. However, you are still able to turn them off via the menu of whatever you are using to play the discs (such as on your DVD player directly, or in the settings menu of your video player).

The show itself if wonderful, and I already enjoyed the series before even ordering the set. I'm now able to watch high-quality episodes that I've already enjoyed, so the only new addition for me is the English version. I'm not a fan of dubs generally, but you can really tell that a lot of effort went into the recording of Madoka's english version. I think all the voices, though occasionally different from the styles of the original, definitely suited all the characters. It is still strange for me to hear the English track as I'm not used to it, but all the voice actors made the dialogue sound natural and convincing. The timing of the translated lines kept the drama of the original, so you're not missing out by watching the episodes in English! My favourite voice is by far Kyubey, who I feel has a similar tone to the Japanese version's Emiri Katou. Very impressed!

All-in-all, the set is worth it if you are a fan of the series and would like to own a localized copy! If you're not a dub fan and are scared that the English tracks aren't worth the money, than I suggest checking out all the official episodes and cast interviews on the web- I think you'll find that it is quite enjoyable. :3

Anastacia Beaverhousin - May 18 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Magic is not just for kids!
This series is great! Anyone who thinks this is just for girls, don't let the super kawaii style the characters are drawn, the abundance of sparkles and pink fool you! This is no Sailormoon! This is a magical girl series with some depth in it! The formula of: with great power comes great responsibility a la Spider-man works well here! There have been a lot of magical girl series and mangas out there but no one has delved in the seriousness of sacrifice, danger and hope more than PMMM has! I always prefer watching my series subbed but if you don't like subbed animes the dubbed version of this series is close to perfect! And the English voice actors won't make you cringe either! The packaging is made of white cardboard with a beautiful illustration of Madoka and Kyubey on the other side and it holds the jewel case, not a thin pack, for both the CD and DVD/BD! The booklet, posters, and postcards also fit in there nicely! And all this extra stuff you get with it is so worth the price! If you're tired of the cheap series releases that Funimation and other studios have done with their cheap and flimsy thin packs Aniplex is the way to go! They know how to give justice to their series! Cause real otakus don't just go for the episodes, we look for the unique packaging and fun extras and booklets and other trinkets that may come with our series even if it will cause us an arm and a leg! That's what makes us collectors! So go ahead... Make a contract! /人◕‿‿◕人\

Supa Kuru - Oct 5 2012
Rating: Pretty good!
Congrats! You're now a fanboy/girl/thing
+++ incredible, wonderful, fantabulous anime; in HD!; kyubey bumper sticker

++ very nice booklet with insightful interviews, parody 4koma

+ good CD (~30 minutes of bgm; includes Credens Justiriam!) w/ purty disc and case art

- poster is small; "postcards" are not the most utilitarian thing out there

-- box is not very impressive

--- paying for such a setup 3 times to complete the anime...

Be forwarned! Whether you don't or do believes the price is justified by the goodies received, once you have this one, you'll no doubt want the other two...