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Prince of Tennis DVD Box Set 1 (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Scott E. Vigil - Apr 14 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
Great...if it where really unedited.
I love this show and though it is being realesed as a uncut version this is not the true case. Viz has actually changed the opening and ending quite a bit and even has decided to use the episodes that where aried on canadian t.v. for the dvd's. Though these contain minimal edit's they still are edit's and thus not trully uncut. So please let Viz know that we do want to support this show just not edited.

sam kook - Apr 26 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
a little disappointed
i don't know about viz anymore. they tend to suck making dvds. maybe they should just stick to mangas but than their manga release schedules kind of suck too as i'll probably be dead by the time they finish off one piece. anyway, this dvd is not uncut as the previous reviewer has stated that the opening and closing credit got a major over-haul. i don't know about the actual show itself, guess i'll have to check with my fansubs. however, they did include the original opening and ending in the extra without translation, i've gotten used to this by now. i mean it must really cost a lot of money to actually translate the opening and ending songs. another blunder is that there is only two, yep two, chapter stops. one for the middle and one for the end. so, if you want to skip the edited opening, you can't, you'll just have to fast forward through them. i don't know how long viz has been making dvds but this is almost unacceptable, we should be able to skip the opening, skip to the middle, and skip to the end. this is standard for all other anime series is it not? anyway, i love this series so i guess i'm going to have to live with whatever viz decides to release. who knows, maybe they'll be like manga next time, tokko, and not have any chapter stops at all. it just skips to the next episode. it's just too bad that viz just happens to have four of my favorite series, bleach, naruto, full moon, and prince of tennis. anyway, great series and one everyone should at least check out even if you don't know anything about tennis.

Heather Kiselica - May 29 2007
Rating: "Okay."
Very awesome to finally see this series released, but not uncut.
Like it has been said before, the original opening and ending not being WITH the episodes is highly disappointing especially considering how the new op&ed are just horribly butchered versions of all the openings with some random music.

This is the year 2007. I would expect this from 4Kids back in 2002, but its time to grow up and get with the program, Viz. It seriously does make me reconsider buying ANYTHING from them in the future. I've already stopped buying Prince of Tennis graphic novels after seeing their highly edited translation of it and now buy the original Japanese ones.

Viz is a disgrace to the industry. This DVD boxset reinforces this idea.

The subtitles themselves are odd. Sometimes they're worded weird and some honorifics are left in while others omitted seemingly randomly. "Sempai" is kept intact but not "chan" so Momo is "Momo-sempai" in the subs as opposed to "Momo-chansempai".

At least the DVD case looks decent, though it keeps the ugly green from the Americanized graphic novels instead of the beautiful blue from the original Japanese. The DVD menus are disgusting to look at and may burn retinas however.

At least $35 for 13 episodes is a lot cheaper then what you'd get from Japan.