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Moe USA Volume 1: Maid in Japan

Meet Patty and Ruby, two fun-loving, all-American teeangers who love dressing up as their favorite manga characters. Their passion for cosplay takes them to Japan, where they plan to buy professionally made costumes... until they see the exorbitant price tags. So, they do what any sensible cosplayer would do: they take part-time jobs at an Akihabara maid cafe!

Their first day on the job is, naturally, a disaster. It's bad enough that the cafe's top maid - the heartless, conniving Sayuri - wants to make their lives miserable. But they also thoroughly embarrass themselves in front of the cafe's otaku customers, who have the power to make or break a maid's career. Just when all hope seems lost, though, they find a pair of magical maid uniforms that change their lives forever...

Story and art by Atsuhisa Okura.


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