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To Heart

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To Heart DVD 3 (Hyb): Bonds of Friendship

Midterms are fast approaching, so everyone's getting together at Akari's to study! Except... Masashi gets called away at the last minute, and Shiho's sick with a cold. So Hiroyuki and Akari suddenly have the house and the whole day to themselves! Then, the Cultural Festival is here, and everyone's excited, except for Tomoko. As the Student Rep for Class 2-B, she's in charge of the cafe they're going to hold, but the other students keep changing plans behind her back.

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To Heart DVD 4 (Hyb): Love and Truth

Multi has proven herself to be more than just a robot - she's an irreplaceable friend. But soon, she'll have to return to the lab, and if she isn't up to their standards, she'll be scrapped! Can Hiroyuki and Akari teach her how to be a proper maid before her time is up?

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Tokimeki Check-in!/Doushin: Same Heart DVD-Rom Game Set (Windows) Adult

This set contains both Tokimeki Check in and Doushin ~ Same Heart.

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