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One I Love, The Graphic Novel

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Reviews of this title:

Catherine A. Kylw - Aug 21 2006
Rating: "Okay."
illustrations and basic plot lovely, but too short
I really wanted to enjoy this. I have liked a lot of the other things that Clamp has put out, and for the most part I did like this. I enjoyed the illustrations, which were for the most part, pretty realistic. I also enjoyed the theme of the book, and felt that in view of the subject, Clamp had created a honest and real to life book. However I feel that there was too much going on for the length of the book. Many of the stories were very sweet and the characters were likeable, but as soon as you began to get involved in the plot, the story was over! There are 12 short stories all condensed in 125 pages. Although it would have taken much longer, I think the stories could have benefitted from a more in depth plot line, by creating a short series and focusing on two stories in each book. That being said I think that teenage girls who are interested in romance and what it entails, will enjoy this book.