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Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox DVD Complete Series (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Trip R - Mar 16 2011
Rating: Pretty good!
There are some (OVA)s it is missing.
Overall a good series similar to "Girls Bravo".

The one complaint i have is that it only contains 2 of the 8 or 9 OVA shorts, and it does not contain the 2 long OVAs.

p.s. not really a series for kids.

Joshua O. Garcia - Apr 30 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Kanokon is a totally cute/sexy show and I recommend it all the way. I only have the first volume so far and I'm still waiting for my complete set to get in. The characters are greatly designed and the graphics were good. Also the dubbed actually matched the words. I'm getting anxious to see what the ending is like.

Ramsey A. Alnawajha - May 14 2011
Rating: This sucked!
No extras no Good
I have no word about the anime story it's awesome awesome awesome, however the problem is with media blaster. they didn't give it much thinking and care about the look neither the quality. they only added 2 mini OVA out of 12 they used the same covers for all 3 Disks. not surprising since they cancelled the individual volumes and decide to shove everything in one box.

Oh well if you don't care about the extras I recommend the anime nothing more.


B W. BODDY - May 19 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
A pure Fan Service Delight!!
Utterly delightful… It sure doesn’t suck being Kouta(lead male)… A pure sexy farce, they should just called it... ...“Fan Service: The Girl Who Cried Fox”... The voice for Chizuru(Lead Female)just makes you want to melt, it’s the sexiest/sweetest/most innocent & did I say sexy voice, you do believe she has NO IDEA that she doing anything wrong...priceless!

There should be no complaints on this one, NO ONE could of bought this and not known what they were getting. I knew, and it’s even better than what I thought it would be, ..very funny…