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Dragon Ball Z Season 4 Uncut DVD Set (Hyb): Garlic Jr./Trunks/Android Saga

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Reviews of this title:

Jeffery E. Patterson - Feb 20 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
I love the new remastered series!
It is awesome!! However, I did notice a few things on this particular DVD set.

In the middle of episodes where there is a small break, and it shows Goku and Gohan and plays a nice little tune. It seems there was a sound error when coding from original Japanese film. The music, especially the bass, seems distorted and grainy when compared to the other 3 seasons. But this only happens during this small break in the episodes and really is not a big deal at all.

The second thing is, people keep whining about the 16x9 transfers and the cropping that occurs from the original 4x3. Well I can tell you this, I am about as big of a dragonball fan as you can get, and these "crops" don't bother me in the least. It is barely noticeable, there is however one or two scenes per 2-3 discs where you can tell soem cropping took place, for instance, a close shot with Gohan, Krillin and Bulma will not show Gohans mouth, or like in season 3, it will not show the entire Fire Crusher ball Jeice made against the fight with Goku. As a huge fan I am telling you, it really is no big deal, if someone is going to allow something as silly as this from buying 850 minutes+ of uneditied DBZ in english with available japanese and subtitles, well they are insane.

This is the cheapest and best way to get alot of DBZ episodes, all uncut too.

I am amazed with the remastered editons, and I highly reccomend everyone get them! That way they will make remastered Dragonball and GT also :)

- Jeff

Albert T. Warman - Mar 10 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
Hello, I wanted to encourage everyone to get these sets, its so crazy the remastered versions look great, I know this because I collect animation cels from this series and it looks so great you can see when the animators made mistakes on the cels the details are so intense I love it, which in the old VHS EPs you couldn't, there was blur and distorts in color and so much more evil little messups its all better now, and i really hope they start releasing the first Dragonball series and GT Remastered, which I must say I will buy them all if that happens ^-^ anyway pick these up you won't be sorry

agustin 7. agustin - Apr 20 2008
Rating: "Okay."
agustin nicolas quintana
hola soy agustin quintana y me encanta dragonboll z