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Jyu-Oh-Sei (Planet of the Beast King) DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - SAVE

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Reviews of this title:

Justin T. Poindexter - Mar 29 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
A masterpiece! The 11 episodes is fine with me as the production and story fit perfect into this anime. The creativity of the manga creator and the producer of this anime was of high standards! This is an anime you could easily get addicted too! If i were to give this a rank it would be... 9 our of 10! It would be a 10 ranking if it had more episodes. All i have to say is "You will regret it if you dont get it!".


Stefanie Beaudin - Nov 11 2010
Rating: Not all that good.
Once is enough.
heard good comments about this small series and I figured I would give it a try.

There is definately an intrigue to this 11 episodes series. For me, it was just entertaining and nothing more.

The story progresses quickly, and at some point I do feel like its rushed towards the end episodes (around 8th and 9th episodes) If it had been longer however, I don't know if I would have continued watching it.

This is not an action series, despite the cover art, I expecte fights, blood and so on. This was more about how an outcast with certain ways of living and thinking enters a society that has a whole other set of rules and ways to do things. For me it was more of a social experiment and to see the characters evolve, but again, too quickly and rushed. I didn't feel like I had time to know them better and even like them. A lot of stuff just hangs there and are never really explained.

I am somewhat disappointed with this series and I am happy to have bought it for only 20$.

I'm a collector and lately some anime series seem to offer great potential, but they fall very short of expectations in my opinion.

Watch it once and it is enough.