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Death Note Relight 1: Visions of a God DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Charles R. Sorrell - Nov 12 2009
Rating: "Okay."
Maybe 10min of new animation???
"but what does the story look like from Ryuk's point of view?" I'll tell you what it looks like, the first season hacked down to a two hour movie with a bumper at the start and end of which that is maybe 10 min of the whole experence. It litterally is just the L story arc cut down hitting the major high points. I must say I expected a bit more of Ryuk's point of view an possibly Light's inner monologs to be replaced by more of what Ryuk was thinking and feeling. I understand that with a popular series you want to milk it for every entertainment dollar you can but this billing of the story from Ryuk's point of view is just a flat out lie.

If you know someone that want's to watch Death Note but doesn't have time this is a good way to show them how well done the series is in a nutshell... well at least the first half. At least the live action movies took what they wanted from the series and gave you a new retelling of the same basic story. Which I was hoping for from this... It all boils down to being told you are getting one thing but finding out what you were told and what you got are two totally diffrent things.