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Scryed (S-cry-ed) Graphic Novel 4

The inner workings of the HOLY organization and the mysterious roots of the Alters come to light when Kazuma encounters the Alter Master Senin, who tells of how he, long ago, developed the alter powers, but, fearing their destructive capabilities, sealed them away. His pupil, Martin Zigmar, the current head of HOLY, murdered him and unleashed the Alter powers on the world. Senin, however, survives in a spiritual form until he can pass on the Scryed technique.

Meanwhile, the SUPER HOLY officers, Mary Jane, Taiki and T.T., all under the command of Martin Zigmar, attempt to destroy Kazuma and his clan. Armed with Scryed, however, Kazuma may be a one-man army.

Story by Yosuke Kuroda and Art by Yasunari Toda.


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