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Hatsukoi Limited DVD Complete Collection (S)

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Yakuza Cafe Graphic Novel
Tayler Humphrey - Aug 14 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
This is probably hands down one of my favorite yaoi novels ever! The characters are rough and tattooed but that just makes them more loveable! I don't think I've ever wanted a novel to become a series more than this one! It deserves a continuation on this budding romance! Squeeeee!!!! I need more of the Dragon!
Birdy the Mighty: Decode DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - S.A.V.E Edition
Michael Samiotes - Aug 15 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
Another quality Funimation series.
I really enjoyed this series. The action sequences were exciting and exaggerated without being ridiculous. The characters were interesting and they stayed away from the over-the-top dramatics. It was also funny when it wanted to be, and I don't laugh at a lot of anime comedies. It is a "fan service" type show, but I certainly think the writing stands on its own. I ended the series wanting to continue following the characters.
D.Gray-man Season 1 DVD Complete Set (Hyb) - S.A.V.E. Edition
joseph p. kemery - Aug 16 2014
Rating: "Okay."
yo-yo plot
This series has some great artwork to it. Any graphic artist would be quite happy with that. As for a plot, the series couldn't make up its mind how seriously to take itself. One second it goes comic and the next it goes all macho serious. It ends up with lack of a coherent story line, weak character development, and super immune characters so you know there was no "real" threat. Hence, battles became tedious rather than intriguing and entertaining. That said, it still had enough of a story line to lightly amuse which is why I said Okay.
Cardcaptor Sakura Blu-ray Complete Series (Hyb) Premium Edition
Brooke L. DeVries - Aug 17 2014
Rating: "Okay."
Fun Re-Visit, Poor English Voice Acting
I remember rushing to get my homework done just to catch this show when it was shown on TV. The loveable characters, exciting plot, adorable outfits, and beautiful art was just some of what got me started on Cardcaptor Sakura as a child. I even got a really cool Clow Card Book replica from a friend for a birthday, learned rollerblading just to be like Sakura, and even learned to twirl a baton. To say I liked the show was an understatement.

I was beyond excited to hear a Premium Edition was being formulated.

As a member of another anime-based website, Crunchyroll, I had the privilege of recently getting to hear some of the new English Dubbed episodes of this series.

To sum up my experience in one word: Disappointing.

Don't get me wrong - this was such a treat to be able to return to a childhood favorite but I'm very happy I passed on this collection recently. This was a series that I liked both the dub and sub for and now I'd have to say I'd only bother with the sub. Classically, sub is just the way to go - taught me Japanese and made the feel more official. However, being as I'm often busy, it's nice to have the English dubs on my DVDs so I can multitask easier. With a boastful sub/dub premium release, I was looking forward to the whole package but after experiencing a few of the newly voiced dub, I'm not going to hand over a few hundred for what I've heard. I don't feel the company that did the English dub deserves it.

I'm not saying this to be cruel to a company that has helped revive an old favorite but as a long-time running watcher of sub/dub anime, I feel this is worse than sub-par as far as voice acting goes.

You know how you cringe and a shiver goes up your spine when someone scratches a chalk board?

Well, take the voice acting equivalent of this and add it to your favorite show of all time and prepare for the devastating level of disappointment that follows. It's childhood and soul-crushing. Between Kero (Cerberus) and Sakura, I've felt like the voice acting has been a car wreak. While Sakura's voice sounds more appropriate for her age, the voice actress honestly sounds like she's trying too hard. Rather than a naturally occurring child-like voice some naturally posses, it is as if the adult is baby-talking in tone. Kero has a persistant nasal like quality to his voice that is equally annoying.

Tomoyo was the first one that didn't annoy me and felt a little closer to what I was used to. Yet, it's not enough to redeem the newly dubbed attempt for me.

I've since stopped looking at the new dub version and had to step away from watching further.

While my review has focused on the new dub version, it is by no means an entire focused review on the amazing series that CLAMP weaved into the hearts of many and their talent has always helped to be a redeeming quality.

For those of you who only want and will watch the subtitled version, this series will likely find a special place in your growing collections and hearts!
Kill la Kill DVD/Blu-ray 2 (Hyb) Limited Edition + Bonus DVD
Brandon Barker - Aug 19 2014
Rating: Not all that good.
Waaaaay too expensive
5 episodes. You get 5 episodes for that pricetag. Also the "extras" are hardly anything noteworthy. Some postcards you'll look at once and forget about and a poster? And don't act like the "bonus" dvd is actually a bonus. If I can get an entire season of the simpsons with behind the scenes extras, commentary on every episode, and a nice case for half the price, why should this be justified? I honestly implore you not to buy this.

If you buy this, you continue business practices like it. I honestly dig KLK, but you should not support a company that tries to strangle every dollar out of fans when companies like NISA give you entire seasons in giant art-boxes with hardcover books and meaningful extras for than less for this one volume. Vote with your dollar and stop this kind of practice.