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Master of Martial Hearts DVD Complete Set (Hyb)

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Rating: Wonderful!

R S - Jan 12 2011
Rating: Not all that good.
An Ikki Toussen wannabe
I'm not sure what was worse, a show with 0 plot and lots of T&A (which, honestly, I don't mind at all heh), or a show that thinks it has a plot and fails to deliver.

This is the latter. It does have a lot of T&A which was, well, nice. But there was no plot to speak of ... until the end. At the end, the characters talk endlessly about a plot that existed behind the scenes, that the audience had zero chance whatsoever of picking up on their own. It was as if the series was coming to a close and they wanted to wrap it all up in some fashion - so they devised some flimsy scenario that would tie it all together. And it failed, totally.

Sadly, the idea of the plot was failry interesting, so had they clued the audience in along the way, it might have been intriguing. Instead we are left with an Ikki Toussen knock-off that had the audience doing a double-take at the end.

IMO, give it a pass.