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Beauty on Duty! DVD (S) LiveAction

Chung Oi-Fong has just graduated from the police academy and beginning her dream to be a decorated police officer. Her father, a senior police officer who pampers his daughter very much, had her partnered up with the best detective, Chou Chi-Tan, for fear of her safety while walking the beat.

On her first day on duty, Oi-Fong and Chi-Tan accidentally save a man named Wai, who is an accountant for the big, bad drug dealer Tin. In order to turn Wai into a protective witness so as to bring Tin to justice, Oi-Fong is delegated to a secret mission: to protect Wai's daughter Kwan-Kwan throughout the "Miss Youth" pageant. On his special duty, Oi-Fong has to go undercover in the beauty pageant as one of the contestants in order to protect Kwan-Kwan from Tin and his men.

Spoken Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English subtitles, Chinese subtitles.

  • Format - English Subtitles

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