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Sakura Taisen

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Sakura Taisen Graphic Novel 1

Tokyo, 1921. After the horrific Demon War, Japan is a peaceful and prosperous place... with the occasional monstrous robot crashing around town. Not to worry; there's always a lovely young girl waiting to cut down these robots, samurai-style. Ensign Ogami, a recent Naval Academy graduate, finds himself in Tokyo, assigned to the Imperial Theater as a ticket collector. Fairly clueless, he's about to be swept away into a roiling world.

Sakura Taisen Graphic Novel 2

Ensign Ogami has only just begun his first assignment, and he's already considering handing in his resignation! Punching tickets at the theater doesn't seem to be furthering his goal of defending Tokyo from demonic invaders.

Sakura Taisen Graphic Novel 3

The action heats up both on stage and on the streets of Tokyo. Sakura's first starring role in the theater is a complete disaster, fortunately Sakura can still hold more than her own on the battlefield! Demon invaders and sinister forces provide quite a challenge for our talented troupe!

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