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Excel Saga CD Soundtrack 1

Veteran anime composer Toshio Matsuda ventures into the hyperactive and zany world of Excel to helm the bouncy soundtrack to this 30-track disc, which also includes the series' opening song and the ending theme.

Anime Today #11 - Featured Music

Track Listing:

  1. Indeed, I need no funds to make it cheerful...
  2. I replaced a melody.
  3. I was wondering if they'd start dancing...
  4. Likewise, I needed to make it.
  5. The image color is certainly "red!"
  6. I was somewhat troubled. I was quite troubled. I was completely troubled.
  7. I was told it should be a comical Menchi. Is that the reason why I am treated indolently?
  8. How convenient! Is the mochi baked?!
  9. You did not tell me it would be that tragic!
  10. You said it would be more cozy!
  11. All right. I'll make it...
  12. Small organism suite
  13. After all, I think it is a strange name.
  14. It became a cool song. Yeah.
  15. It's for small animals, so...
  16. The commemorative first song for this occasion.
  17. I wonder if it was too ordinary...?
  18. A line in an interlude. "I am happy..." Just kidding.
  19. Oh, just as I thought, the beginning is funny.
  20. Since they requested a military type...
  21. Since they said that they're gonna act like Rambo in the jungle...
  22. You mean the death of Tetsuko...
  23. Although I didn't get any request for this, I happened to make it, so please use it.
  24. 30-year-old memories part 1
  25. 30-year-old memories part 2
  26. 30-year-old memories part 3
  27. Mission Impossible... huh? In this case, it is really impossible...
  28. I really can't play!
  29. Love (Loyalty)
  30. Menchi - A Bolero of Sorrow ~ You Will Eat Me (KARAOKE TRACK)

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