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Certain Magical Index, A Season 1 DVD Part 1 (Hyb) Limited Edition

Kamijo is a student in Academy City, where people use science to develop supernatural abilities. Index is a young nun on the run from a sorcery society that covets the astonishing 103,000 volumes of magical knowledge stored in her memory. When Index stumbles into Kamijo's life, she finds a faithful friend and protector. While Kamijo's easily the weakest kid in Academy City, he's got something else going for him: the Imagine Breaker, an unexplainable power stored in his right hand that negates the powers of others.

Retail Price: $64.98
Your Price: $39.04
Fairy Tail Girl's Fitted T-Shirt: Lucy, Natsu and Happy - M

Retail Price: $18.99
Your Price: $12.30
My Little Monster Graphic Novel 3

Haru confirms his love for Shizuku after a talk with the class rep, Chizuru Oshima (who also has feelings for Haru!). Meanwhile, confused and unsure, Shizuku decides to eliminate her feelings towards Haru in order to focus on her studies. Will Haru be able to change her mind? The school fesival brings chaos and rivalries as personalities clash!

Retail Price: $10.99
Your Price: $6.60
Right Stuf Logo Military Cap

Retail Price: $19.99
Your Price: $12.96
Sea Prince and the Fire Child DVD (Hyb)

Long ago, spirits of fire and water lived as one. But jealous Algaroch, Lord of the Winds, drove a rift between King Oceanus and his sister Hyperia, Queen of Fire. Since then fire fairies and water sprites have been at war and forbidden from consorting, but when Prince Sirius, the king's chosen successor, meets Hyperia's beautiful daughter Malta, they fall madly in love.

Retail Price: $19.95
Your Price: $12.56
Seraphic Feather Graphic Novel 5: War Crimes

M-Zak and Sunao are on the trail of vicious kidnappers who've taken Kei hostage. The kidnapping is only part of a plot by the Dystra Corporation to stage a coup and take control of the moon from UN forces, with a final goal to make the moon independent from earth!

Retail Price: $17.95
Your Price: $10.76

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