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To Heart DVD Collection (Hyb) (Thinpak)

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Reviews of this title:

John Packovich - Nov 12 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
incredible animation
I bought this collected edition on a whim and I was very happy that I did. What caught my eye first is the quality of the animation throughout the series. The character designs and the backgrounds are drawn with an attention to detail that are too often lacking in many current anime productions. The stories left a smile on my face at the end of each episode. You can see the dating sim origination of the show, but that does not detract from the slice of life feel of this series. If you like stories that make you feel good along with classic, beautiful animation, I highly recommend this series.

Ogie Doggie - Jan 15 2009
Rating: Not all that good.
One of the SLOWEST moving Anime I've ever seen
This has to be one of the SLOWEST moving stories I have ever seen. The worst part of it is by the time you get to the end of each episode you realize that what has happened is almost Insignificant. You keep waiting for something to happen between two couples but nothing EVER does. They actually have interesting characters but they never go anywhere relationship wise. Why did they waste their time making this Anime if nothing ever happens relationship wise? Oh well to each their own as they say. My advise is to avoid this one at any price.

Gregory J. Bannister - Nov 19 2009
Rating: "Okay."
Fans Will Love, Others.... Not Sure.
To Heart is based off of a date simulator in Japan, now the anime itself is not bad at all. It has interesting characters, some good stories, and some good animation. Though sometimes the story does feel bland a bit, but it's not all bad. I would recommend it for fans, or for those who like drama anime, though don't expect something great, or for your next favorite anime. It has a good price, but none the less, in my opinion I was disappointed in with the end, for my own reasons yes I was disappointed, and so were quite a bit of my friends. All I can say is, it's worth a watch, but it is not the greatest series to have ever been released.

Rodney T. Rafols - Aug 8 2011
Rating: Pretty good!
A heart-warming series
Admittedly, this series is not for everyone. If you're into fast-paced stories, this anime is not for you. If you like something that somehow involves action, magic, or a story where something extraordinary happens, this is not for you. "To Heart" deals more with everyday situations (the first episode, for instance, is mostly about seating arrangement). But that's what makes it so heart-warming--it doesn't involve characters doing something which normal people wouldn't do, like casting magic, or fighting aliens, etc. It doesn't have some psychological drama or make you think for days what the heck it's all about. It is a simple anime involving simple events, yet at the same time it would make one reminisce about one's own experiences and make you feel good overall. That's what makes it so heart-warming. Again, the pacing will most likely make most anime fans think twice about watching this, but get past that and one will realize that the series grows on you.