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Comic Party Revolution

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Comic Party Revolution DVD 2 (Hyb): Party On!

Not every day is a Comic Party, so the gang has to find some way to occupy their time, and that means trouble! There's a steamy trip to a hot springs, an out-of-control tennis tournament and a camping trip that ends in a fight to the death! Who'll be the last one standing?

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Comic Party Revolution DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - S.A.V.E. Edition

Life is a joke for this crew, but not every day can be a Comic Party. A break in the laughter spells trouble, and this gang of chuckle-heads passes the time with some hot springs action, a whacked out tennis tournament, and a camping trip that ends in a deadly duel! It's a good thing these manga-maniacs can depend on each other when things go from ridiculous to totally absurd!

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