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Coyote Ragtime Show DVD Complete Collection (Hyb) (Thinpak)

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Strike Witches DVD Complete Season 1 (Hyb)
Vernon E. Parker - Sep 14 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
More than fan service...
This show at first glance is simply fan service. However, in order to see this show for the hilarious and touching story that it is, you have to unfortunately endure the fan service. THERE IS NO REASON THEY COULD NOT HAVE AT LEAST DRAWN SOME PANTS OR SHORTS ON THESE CHARACTERS. Once you get past the lack of pants this show has it all, a decent story, memorable characters, great action, great drama, and excellent animation.
Cardcaptor Sakura Blu-ray Complete Series (Hyb) Premium Edition
Tony m. k - Sep 16 2014
Rating: Pretty good!
Great show, BAD dub!
Ok, first off, let me say this has nothing to do with rightstuff at all. This review is strictly the show itself. The packaging and hard product itself is awsome.

Loved this show as a kid. Saw both the subbed versions and the english funi dub back in the day known as card captors. That show was BADLY butchered to make it more kiddy friendly. So when i heard NIS was re-releasing this show with a new dub uncut and uneditied, i was very excited to say the least. And for almost $200, i figured i was getting a top notch re-do, much like what is happening with the sailormoon redo for bluray.

Let me make this clear tho. While the vidoe quality is quite nice for bluray, the dub they used is horrible. Well, not all of it. The voices for the females in the show while not perfect are atleast acceptable. But the male voices in this dub are really deep and just dont match the characters at all. I read this was just a rip dubbed from a canada studio that showed the "uncut" version on tv up there. But honestly, they should have tried some different people, all the guy vioces are just too deep.

And while it is uncut and uneditied, there are parts that were never dubbed even in canada. So what u get is just music and subtitles at certain parts such as the "return card" episode when they are in the tree and he says how he likes yukito as well. It wasnt dubbed, so while leaving it in there, they just left the music and subbed what he said.

The other annoying part of the dub is that 85% of the time, its off by a fraction of a second. Which doesnt seem like much, but when u watch thier mouths move and then a second later here the voice, it kinda gets annoying. IDK if this is a factory error or maybe if they just couldnt fill the whole speaking parts so they condinsed the lines to try to make them fit.

Honestly, i think this should at most have been $100 bluray set. The dub is horrible, the lines are off, its not completly unedited despite what it says. For $200, they shoudl have just done a re-dub and released it in sets like they are doing for sailormoon. I think alot more poeple would have liked it.

but this is just my opnion. I have been watching anime since i was 14 and i am 37 now and still love it. So take that for what it is.
Japanese T-Shirt - Bad Apple - Black - M
Kevin Tran - Sep 17 2014
Rating: Not all that good.
Incorrect color
The colors for the far left character and far right on were switched. Basically on the front of the shirt it is blue, dark red, red. It's supposed to be red, dark red, blue