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Strike Witches DVD Complete Season 1 (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Freddie Merck - Apr 16 2010
Rating: Pretty good!
Better than you might think!
Surprisingly, Strike Witches is much better than you might think at first glance. I was originally convinced that this would be just another shallow fan service show, however I was wrong.

Of course, there still is plenty of fan service, however it largely takes a backseat to everything else that's in the show. Eye candy for sure, but not the sole focus of the show.

The real interesting part of this anime is its alternate reality take on World War II, and the cast of characters who are very distinguished and unique within the show -- they're all very likable.

Action is also very well done in Strike Witches. It certainly takes a new approach to aerial combat and definitely provides an exciting experience whenever you see the Strike Witches team take on an enemy. Combat is balanced very well, so it doesn't end too quickly or drag on forever.

You should definitely give Strike Witches a chance. Don't judge it based on the cover, because there's more to this show than just girls who don't wear pants.

Robby smith - Apr 28 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
Better than the hype....
I truly loved this series. A few pleasant surprises...Yoko Ishida sings the opening song(I loved her in the sailor moon R and ai yori aoshi series), and the fact that three of the Japanese voice actresses got together sing the closing song.The cultural in-jokes were quite funny...esp.the natto one.The dogfights were extremely well animated with seamless CGI.The characters were "fleshed out" surprisingly well for such a short series. There could have been more extras, but the commentary tack did succeed at covering all 12 episodes. I'm looking forward to the 2nd season !!

G C - Dec 4 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
this is TV-MA
this is TV-MA at first it doesn't but after ep3+ they all come out nude all 11 girls but for the story it takes place in the year 1940 when allies attack earth that's it if u want to know what happens get the title you'll will like it

Vernon E. Parker - Sep 14 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
More than fan service...
This show at first glance is simply fan service. However, in order to see this show for the hilarious and touching story that it is, you have to unfortunately endure the fan service. THERE IS NO REASON THEY COULD NOT HAVE AT LEAST DRAWN SOME PANTS OR SHORTS ON THESE CHARACTERS. Once you get past the lack of pants this show has it all, a decent story, memorable characters, great action, great drama, and excellent animation.