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Waiting in the Summer DVD Complete Collection (S)

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Reviews of this title:

Ogie Doggie - Jan 19 2013
Rating: Pretty good!
If If You're a PLEASE TEACHER/PLEASE TWINS fan you'll like this
The best way to describe WAITING IN THE SUMMER is that it looks like the Prequel to the 2002 Anime PLEASE TEACHER and PLEASE TWINS series.

Why do I say this? Well first, the director and screenwriter of this also did PLEASE TEACHER & PLEASE TWINS.

The female alien lead character Ichika Takatsuki looks like and acts like a high school age version of Mizuho Kazami (Teacher/Alien from PLEASE TEACHER).

The another major female character Remon Yamano looks and has the same voice and personality as Ichigo Morino from PLEASE TEACHER/PLEASE TWINS (Ichigo was the Student Council President in PLEASE TWINS - she was the coolest character in that series in my opinion so this is good a thing).

Just as in PLEASE TEACHER our lead male & female characters both wind up living together (alone) in a house.


If you've seen PLEASE TEACHER & PLEASE TEACHER you will remember the fan service - But in WAITING IN THE SUMMER there is NO fan service, well OK one tiny scene but nothing like the other series (yeah, I was surprised too!).

It's been 10 years since the release of PLEASE TEACHER/PLEASE TWINS and I think that the Director and Screenwriter wanted to continue the series. so instead of doing a sequel they went the other way and did a prequel.

Just as in the previous series the roads, houses, etc. all actually exist, the animation crew went up and took hundreds of pictures and used those to base their animation on (pretty cool).

My advise would be to watch PLEASE TEACHER AND PLEASE TWINS first then watch WAITING IN THE SUMMER - but that may not be possible since they are out of print. Bandai in Japan just release the Blu-Ray version Box Sets in Japan as a special 10 year anniversary, but as you know Bandai USA isn't releasing anything in the USA anymore - so we have to hope that Funimation or Sentai will pick these up (in fact it is Sentai who is releasing WAITING IN THE SUMMER so there maybe hope).

At the very very end of this please note what Ichika Takatsuk is wearing (upper body) in the home made movie - and remember the time line that she got it - this will make a difference in your mind/heart when the credits start rolling (a lot of people I talked to have missed this).

Nathan Summers - Jul 16 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
This amazing is incredible! I didn't used to watch too many romance animes but this one kept me interested the whole time! And the DVD is great!