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Yu Yu Hakusho Season 1 DVD Box Set (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

saket m. baxi - Jun 28 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
its an excellent series
It was one of the best anime that i have ever seen

Donnie Sage - Jul 30 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
Yu Yu Hakusho Season 1
I am so glad all the great animes are releasing their series on affordable season box sets. Yu Yu Hakusho, rivaling DBZ, BLEACH, and NARUTO as the best addicting fighter animes out there, is no exception. I only wish they had done this BEFORE they released the semi-season box sets that had like 2 or 3 discs and only about 15 episodes, making people buy multiple versions of the show (myself included, although I invested in the original 32 disc set). This version of Yu Yu Hakusho is, hands down, the BEST version to buy, and if your not a collector and just want to own the series on easy, affordable, DVD box sets, this is DEFINITELY the way to go. THANKS FUNIMATION and RIGHTSTUF!!!

Cathy Hayes - Sep 24 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
Great First Season
I have been waiting for this Box Set and I wasn't dispointed. This is one of the anime I like the best, and now I can buy more than just one, LOVE IT. This first season was great can't wait for Season 2. Thank you Funimation. Keep up the good work.

Christopher T. Daniel - Mar 13 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
Great first season!
It starts with a punk no good kid and goes on from there. He has a series of strange happening adventures through the side of the dead. The characters are great and the music is awesome. The first season is a right spot on the map for anyone looking for a good anime title. I really bought it also with the great low price of $20.00 per season. You can't lose with this series.

Becky Pagels - Mar 29 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
The Best Fighting Anime Period!
If you are a fan of the Dragon Ball Saga, this one is for you.

All out action and fights without dragging it all out. Fans of DBZ, you know what I mean!

Very pleased with this series. I would recommend getting all 4 seasons. For the price it is a deal!

pamela painchaud - Sep 1 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Love it. Lots of action and no filler. Defiantly one of my favorites of all time.