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Last Exile DVD 6 (Hyb): Queen Delphine

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Handel S. Williams - Oct 19 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
It's bad when you wanna beat the crap out of a toon
Maestro Delphine, how can I describe her? I know. . . . boys and girls, let's play a game - what's another word for female dog? Yeah, Delphine is the woman you love to hate. What's worse, she does everything with a smile - EVERYTHING! She barely acknowledges Claus as a human being. Let's not discuss her feelings for Dio or the main reason I hate her - when you see the episode "Castling Luciola," you will know exactly what I mean. It's really bad when you wanna see the next disc just to see a character die - which also means she'll probably live through the end.