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Cleopatra DC DVD (S)

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Katie N. - Oct 20 2006
Rating: Wonderful!
I Love '80's Anime
I sometimes think that the best Animes comes from the 1980's! If you enjoy animes that have perky, cute girls (like Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach...) then I highly reccomend Cleopatra DC! Cleo (to her friends), may look like someone you wouldn't take seriously simply by her looks until she shows you just how wrong it is to judge someone by their appearance. Only 16 years of age, she's already running one of the most powerful companies in NYC, with charm & wit that I find most enjoyable to watch, especially when Cleo brings down a blackmailing, selfish playboy in the first episode. You'll also get to see that Cleo has a very caring, warm personality, & will do anything in her power to help out her friends.

The character design & background artwork is nicely done. You WON'T find any of that FridayMonday quality (like you would in Weiss Kreuz or in the early seasons of Sailor Moon). Nope, they actually did quality work for this anime.

Some other online reviewers complain that the style of clothes & the soundtrack are obviously from the 1980's, but DUH! The anime itself takes place in the 1980's! (C'mon people; use your brains!) They also complain that this DVD is only released in Japanese with English subtitles. Frankly, since this is offered by Media Blasters, I'd rather they DON'T release it with a English cast because Media Blasters really suck at who they choose for their dubbed casting. Remember the awful English cast Media Blasters came up with for Weiss Kreuz? *shudders* I'd HATE to see who they would pick for this anime. Plus, other online reviwers complain that there are no extras, & that the menu set-up is very basic. I'm sorry, but not every anime has to have extras (it's not a written law, people), & the menu set-up is just fine by me.

Cleopatra DC may not be a fictional-historial anime, or a main stream anime, but that DOESN'T mean that this anime will automatically suck. If you're willing to give it a chance, you won't be disappointed. Just remember, if it wasn't for the animes from the 1980's like Cleopatra DC, then there wouldn't be any animes of today.