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My Little Pony: Pony Puppy DVD (D)

Contains 4 episodes from the series My Little Pony.

Pony Puppy
The Ponies find a puppy and decide to keep her and build her a doghouse. When the new puppy is reunited with her family the following spring, the ponies are sad to see her go. The Ponies soon realize that even though friends come and go, there will always be room for them in their hearts.

Bright Lights
Baby Hearth Throb, Baby Lofty and Baby Half Note want to sing backup for Knight Shade. But to their dismay, he has stolen their shadows, which contain all of their energy and substance. The Ponies soon discover that the evil wizard Arabus is behind Knight Shade's behavior, and now it's up to the Flutter Ponies to save the day.

Sweet Stuff And The Treasure Hunt
Sweet Stuff wants to play games with everyone else, although she can't find anything she plays well. She ends up surprising everyone, however, during a treasure hunt, when she is able to solve the answer to the riddle, "Something that is one even when it is many."

Baby It's Cold Outside
It's snowing in Pony Land during summer! What evil plan is behind this? Will the Ponies be able to reverse the weather?

Spoken Languages: English.


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