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Dragon Ball Z Season 2 Uncut Blu-ray Set (Hyb)

Having suffered heavy losses in the battle with the Saiyans and with Goku still recovering from his injuries, the remaining Z-Fighters must embark on a perilous journey to Planet Namek in search of the Namekian Dragon Balls. Unbeknownst to them, however, a powerful new enemy has set his sights on the same prize - the ruthless tyrant Frieza!

Retail Price: $44.98
Your Price: $27.31
Infinite Ryvius DVD Complete Collection (Hyb) - Anime Legends

It is 2225 AD. An act of sabotage has sent a space station plummeting towards a dense plasma phenomena known as the Sea of Geduld. With only hours to spare before the collapse of the entire station, a group of teens training on-board the ship will seek safety aboard the Ryvius, an interstellar spacecraft hidden deep inside the station. With the adult crew and instructors killed, these young astronauts must rely on their training, courage, and, most importantly, each other.

Retail Price: $49.98
Your Price: $30.04
Kare First Love Graphic Novel 10

This is it: the dramatic conclusion to Karin and Kiriya's up and down saga of young love! What will the future hold? Will Kiriya go to art school in New York and leave Karin behind in Japan? Whatever his plans, Kiriya's got the future of their relationship in mind when he sets up a trip to the great outdoors for just the two of them.

Retail Price: $9.99
Your Price: $5.99
Ouran High School Host Club Girl's Fitted T-Shirt: Host Members on Rose - L

Retail Price: $18.99
Your Price: $12.39
Psychic Detective Yakumo Blu-ray Complete Collection (S)

Haruka Ozawa's sophomore year is getting seriously scary. One of her friends is possessed, another has committed suicide, and Haruka could be next. So, how does Haruka get out of this potentially lethal dead end? She'll have to convince Yakumo Saito, an enigmatic student born with a mysterious red eye that allows him to see and communicate with the dead, to team up with her. Will Haruka be able to solve the ultimate in dead case files with Yakumo's help? Or will they end up in cold storage themselves?

Retail Price: $59.98
Your Price: $35.96
Street Fighter Legends: The Ultimate Edition Graphic Novel (Color)

It's the entire Street Fighter Legends series in a gorgeous, oversized format to catch every detail! Collecting the complete Sakura, Chun-li, and Ibuki comic series, this ultimate collection shows why the lovely ladies of Street Fighter deserve to be called Legends! Plus, appearances from Ryu, Sagat, Dan, M.Bison, Karin, Makoto, Elena, and more of your favorites!

Retail Price: $59.99
Your Price: $36.20

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