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Farscape Season 2: Volume 2.1 (D) DVD LiveAction

Expand your collection with the further adventures of Moya's crew with th first four episodes from season 2 of the smash Sci-Fi hit Farscape!

Mind The Baby
The living ship Moya has lost her child Talyn. To find him, she must return to the asteroid field controlled by evil commander Scorpius. Crichton, Aeryn, and D'Argo rejoin their shipmates aboard Moya with Crais as hostage. But there is a new danger... Talyn attacks his mother, demanding the return of the only master the child ship has known...

Vitas Mortis
On a cold, menacing planet, D'Argo agrees to help an ancient holy woman, Nilaam, perform the Luxan ritual of death. During the ritual, Nilaam senses great strength in D'Argo, and she harnesses it instead to become young and beautiful. D'Argo is in love. But up above, Moya mysteriously begins to rapidly age and die...

Taking The Stone
Distraught over the death of her brother, Chiana escapes to a royal cemetery planet and joins a twisted gang of young aliens. Crichton and Aeryn try to intercede but Chiana insists on following the gang's daredevil behavior, including jumping into a deep rocky chasm. There may be a way to cushion the fall, but many jumpers die as they "take the stone."

Crackers Don't Matter
A shopping trip on a commerce planet brings a load of crackers and small blind alien, Traltixx. Traltixx says he can make Moya undetectable, but only if the crew changes course and goes to his planet. En route, the crew becomes strangely paranoid and violent. Is it the light from the Five Pulsars they are passing, or does Traltixx have his own master plan?

DVD Features: audio commentary for "Crackers Don't Matter," deleted scenes, a Farscape dictionary of alien slang, conceptual artwork, an actor biography of Ben Browder, a character back story of John Crichton, alien encounters, 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Surround Sound, and Previews.

Spoken Languages: English.

  • Format - Dubbed in English

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