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Dragon Hill DVD (D)

Dragon Hill is a fantastic and magical world where all dragons live and is protected by four gates: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Only Ethelbert, the wise guardian dragon, holds the key and knows the secret to traveling between the dragon and the human worlds. From time to time, people of different ages and centuries arrive at Dragon Hill for different reasons.

One such person is the evil wizard Septimus, who Ethelbert has held prisoner at Dragon Hill to prevent his return to the human world and continue his scheming ways. But now Septimus has discovered a way to escape and he'll need the help of a young innocent boy, Kevin, to complete his plan. But Kevin is not alone and with the great help of Elfy, his dragon friend, and Maud, a scientist from the 21st century, they plan to thwart the evil wizard's escape.

Spoken Languages: English.

Windows Media Clip


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