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BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo Graphic Novel 1

In the year 300X, the cruel Emperor Tsuru Tsururina has mandated the hunting of all hair in the Maruhage Empire. But a single man rises to the occasion and takes a stand against this violation of human hair rights. Bo-bobo, master of Fist of the Nose Hair, uses the prehensile hairs of his shnoz to most lethal ends. Follow the nonsensical adventures of Bo-bobo and his sentient sidekick snacks as they lead their "hair"-larious rebellion against the Empire.

Bobobo-bo-bo-bobo's pal Gasser has been kidnapped by the evil Lord Giga. Bo-bobo and his pals will have to tear through some seriously hardcore bad guys to free their homey - hopefully they can stay focused enough to remember to rescue him!

Story and art by Yoshio Sawai.


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