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Winter Demon Graphic Novel 1

When three ruthless fire demons come to terrorize the monk Hakuin's village, he's forced to seek help from Fuyu, the snow demon who tormented him a year ago. Fuyu is thrilled to see his beautiful monk again, and he agrees to defeat the demons only if Hakuin becomes his willing slave. Fuyu realizes too late that the fire demons are out of his league. Even worse, the lead demon thinks the fey Fuyu would make a nice slave in his own right!

When Fuyu is put in the same position he put Hakuin a year ago he starts to realize the error of his ways. Maybe, in time, he can even be redeemed to his beloved monk.

Side story: A pacifist is forced to bring an assassin to a rival lord. Not helping is that the assassin is part of the group who wiped out the pacifist's race. (So why are they sleeping together?)

Story and art by Yamila Abraham and Studio Kosaru.


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