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xxxHOLiC DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - S.A.V.E. Edition

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Reviews of this title:

Diamon G. Lennon - Nov 29 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
It's elaborate and one of the best animes out there.
I like how each part is played out and what each detail has to do with the anime it's self. Everything it seems to me has a meaning and is very elaborate. It has it's humerous scenes as well as it's heartfelt scenes. I find it a very good anime to watch and would recommend it to anyone.

Chris A. Telsrow - Jul 1 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
A must have for the sarcastic lover in all of us!
After watching this series on netflix, I bought this when it went on sale last year. For fear of it being a true xxx I was a bit worried that’s why I watched it ahead of time! Thankfully if you’re not into skin-emax then you’re safe with this. The series is about an orphan with annoying seeing spirit ability. A witch takes him under her wing (she never would admit it fully though). It's a series that will make more sense as you watch more of it. I really loved this series. It's sarcastic, funny, a little bit of drama and an annoying balloon looking rabbit animal mascot. This seems to be an annoying trait in funny animes now. But all in all it’s a must see for sure!

Cole A. Cronin - Jan 3 2012
Rating: "Okay."
In all honestly, this is an anime where an orphan can see spirits and he has no idea why, he is promised the chance to finally rid of his curse by a strange woman. The anme is clever in many way's by hinting at a somewhat dark past behind out main character and the people around him. However, when it is episode 20 and you are still acting like this in a 24 episode series where it is simply giggles and... stuff the entire series, we really want to know more. First, let me comment on the english dub. Todd Hartman is the perfect Watunuki and is cast perfectally while Collen Crinklenbeard plays a great Yuko. However, I am convinced one female is playing half of the woman's roles in this show... Now onto the anime. There are a few gems in this anime, the episode "The Monkey's Paw" a beach house episode and a snowman episode are a few of my favorites. However there are other episodes simply painful to sit through they bore you so badly to tears. The series greatest ability is the releationship between Watunuki and his frinemy, who I'm sorry I can't recall the name of. Thier love/hate releationship is some of the best the show has to offer. However, we want to know Watunuki's past, but are never truly given a full answer of what we want to know. I am aware of a second season, but from what I've heard it is simply more silliness. Please don't tell me to read the manga, I just want an anime to watch. Overall... this anime is just average, it's a rental on netflix, but I don't recomend you go out and buy it unless you are a true fan. I rate this anime 2 out of 4 Average is the word of the day.