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Ultimate Muscle Graphic Novel 19

You know what Kid Muscle really, really hates? Pain. Too bad he's stuck in the Punishment X ring, where an enormous spike-studded cross waits to impale any wrestler who doesn't watch his step. And too bad he's fighting Ricardo, an elite Muscle Leaguer with genuine bad blood. Can Ricardo keep his evil genes from busting loose, turning a clean match (albeit a clean match featuring an enormous spike-studded cross) into an all-out bloodbath? Of course he can't. Sorry, Kid Muscle.

Elsewhere in the Superhuman Olympics finals, Kevin Mask faces off against Comrade Turbinski, the shape-shifting, airborne Russian. Pitted against the ruthless ex-DMP champ, can Turbinski pull a few new tricks out of his tail section, or is he just winging it? Either way, Kevin Mask is ready to ratchet up to a new level of power - power that may look frighteningly familiar to followers of Kid Muscle's superhuman shenanigans. The Kid may think he's hurting now, but wait until he sees what Kevin brings to the ring!

Story and art by Yudetamago.


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