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Magic Knight Rayearth DVD 2 (Hyb): Sunrise

Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu's continue their journey in Cephiro. Guided by the ever-fluffy Mokona, the girls fight their way through the land. As they fight through, they realize that sometimes they get help from unexpected places. Sometime they find the price they must pay to continue on their quest is larger than they ever expected.

Level 5: Escudo, The Legendary Ore
Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu arrive at a beautiful pond. Investigation proves that this was not their destination. Of course, the three did not expect that their destination, Eterna, would look the way it did... or that they would be tested for worthiness by not one, but two different entities....

Level 6: Lives at Stake - Presea's Weapons
A new opponent, Ascot, targets Presea as the three girls head back to the Forest of Silence with Escudo. The three attempt to fend off the beast that Ascot has summoned, but neither magic nor weapons are effective against it! With doom looming over Presea, who was busy making their weapons, what can the girls do?

Level 7: Ferio in Desperation - A Romance in the Desert
Ferio bumps into Ascot as the little summoner plans revenge. Ferio, with his own agenda, decides to momentarily tag-team with Ascot. The girls are fooled by Ferio, and walk into Ascot's trap - but unexpectedly are saved by Ferio as well. As the price for saving the girls, Ascot decides to kill Ferio... unless the girls can save him.

Level 8: The Horrible Trap of Summoner Ascot
Hikaru finds a little creature being assaulted by a monster, and saves it with help from her friends. She quickly gets emotionally attached to the little critter, but this proves unfortunate as the critter enlarges and becomes violent the next day...

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


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