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Strawberry Marshmallow

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Strawberry Marshmallow CD Soundtrack

Strawberry Marshmallow DVD 1 (Hyb): Cute is as Cute Does

Join Chika, Miu and Matsuri, as they go about their daily lives full of adventure and discovery. Follow the intrepid trio as they try to make a surprise birthday gift. Then meet Ana, a transfer student originally from England who pretends to be a foreigner. This becomes more difficult to pull off when the girls pay a visit to her happy home. And when Chika & Company find out where Nobue is working, they decide to pay her a visit... with disastrous results!

Strawberry Marshmallow Graphic Novel 2

Strawberry Marshmallow follows the life of Nobue Ito, her younger sister Chika, her friends Miu and Matsuri. Anna, a new character, joins in the fun in this volume that's full of mischevious adventures.

Strawberry Marshmallow Graphic Novel 4

Five cute girls - Chika, Miu, Anna, Matsuri and Nobu - and a door-to-door salesman equals a whole lotta fun, especially when you're trying to entertain yourself on a rainy day! When the storm lets up, it's nothing but entertainment for our cutie puh-tuties: Nobu receives a mysterious love letter; Matsuri gets to keep the "Miu" dog; and Matsuri, Anna, and Nobu go to Matsuri's school at night and have a "scary" experience.

Strawberry Marshmallow Graphic Novel 5

This time at the Ito house, Nobue looks for another part-time job while the girls discover the meaning of their names, dabble in English, and show how to win hide and seek. After looking through an old photo album, the girls reminisce about the past and decide that it's time to find out where they came from.

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