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Burn Up/Plastic Little DVD Double Pack (Hyb)

This double pack contains both Plastic Little and Burn Up!

Burn Up
Maki, Reimi and Yuka may not look like ace crime fighters, and to tell the truth, they're not. For now, they're stuck with the tedious and degrading duty of traffic patrol. All that changes, however, when Yuka gets herself kidnapped. To save their friend and co-worker, Maki and Reimi must suit up in their high-tech, skin-tight battle armor and teach the kidnapper that when you play with fire, you're going to get burned!

Plastic Little

Plastic Little is set on the breathtakingly beautiful planet Yietta, which supports a thriving metropolis of colonists who make their living by exploiting tourists and by exporting the planet's unique resources to the omnipresent Galactic Federation.

As our story begins, the citizens of Yietta are finally about to pay off their debts to the Federation and become an independent colony. Unfortunately, there are those who would rather not let control of the planet slip through their fingers, especially when there are military projects which exploit Yietta's resources...

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English Subtitles.

  • Format - Hybrid

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