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20th Century Boys 2 DVD: The Last Hope (S) LiveAction

It is now 2015, and Friend rules a disturbing new world. Kenji has been missing since Bloody New Year's Eve of 2000, and his niece Kanna is now in high school. Her history textbook contains a fabricated story about Kenji and his friends being the terrorists behind the horrific events of 2000. Kanna, knowing the truth, openly resents this, and as a result she is sent to Friend Land, a facility where people with rebellious anti-Friend behavior are re-educated.

The surviving secret base members have spent the last 15 years in various activities opposing Friend and his regime, trying to find out the truth about Friend. Soon they discover the shocking existence of The New Book of Prophecy, the sequel to The Book of Prophecy, describing an event: In 2015, at a church in Shinjuku, a savior will rise to uphold justice but will be assassinated. Who is the savior? Once again, Doomsday looms near...

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.


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