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Rosario+Vampire Graphic Novel 1

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Daniel Smith - Jul 29 2008
Rating: Pretty good!
High School is an experience for everyone.
High School is a time of life where many things change for young people. They slowly get a chance to stretch out, and explore facets of life they've never seen before. This is no different in Japan, especially a for a young man named Tsukune Aono.

Through a twist of fate, or a family curse from ages ago, he has been enrolled in a High School full of monsters. There are only 2 things keeping him from disappearing permanently...

1) All monsters must remain in Human Form. 2) A young woman by the name of Moka Akashiya, whom has taken a liking to Tsukune for a special reason.

Rosario + Vampire volume 1 is a great start to what surely will be a superb series. Each of the characters have their own little quirks, and watching Tsukune survive through ordeals that'd make most scream in terror is very amusing.

The first volume places the setting very well. If high school in Japan is anything like the United States, Tsukune has a rough 4 years ahead of him. I however look forward to watching him and Moka walk through it every step of the way.

The Likes: I love the way everything is not what it seems in the school. You've always got to be on your guard for a twist. I also like the fact that Tsukune is slowly gathering a group of friends despite the fact that he's so different. That's how the story touches me.

The Dislikes: I'm a little worried about this manga turning into another harem manga. I like women as much as the next guy, it's just I'd like it a little more if the cast was a little more varied. Granted, this is the first volume, so I'll just have to wait 4 more volumes to have a full idea of where we're going.

The Huh?: I wonder what the food at the cafeteria is like...