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Kids on the Slope Blu-ray Complete Collection (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Paul D. West - May 5 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Excellent Jazz plot 60's period piece- well done, try it!
This is an superb anime from the Spring 2012 season that surprised me. I didn't expect a whole lot but after liking another music anime BECK, I figured why not? Have to say it ended up grabbing me and not letting go. Although, fair warning, I am in my late 40's so the 1966 setting doesn't zoom over my head like it might for some. YMMV. What I really like about KotS is as follows: - Excellent writing. The story is superb and makes use of real events in 1966. I also liked the character development for a 12 episode anime. - Good artwork and animation. I like the style, it fits the story. - Gets you emotionally invested in the main characters. I really cared what happened to them, can't say that about many anime series. - Great historical accuracy, from buses and uniforms, to lack of today's society norms (no cell phones obviously!) - Absolutely great jazz music and syncro with the anime, not an easy job. I give it a 9/10.

Ogie Doggie - May 24 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
If you like character studies type anime storylines this is for you
Pretty much the character study of the three main characters in a Japanese High School back in 1966 who are in a Jazz Band (yes Jazz not Rock&Roll) and what they go through trying to deal with their own personal demons (not real demons just my way of saying what you go through growing up in high school - loves/disappointments/searching for direction in your life). Very well done on a very mature level - this is NOT a comedy!