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Inu Yasha

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Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 10 (Color)

Sly monk Miroku's attempt at chivalry goes wrong in more ways than one: the damsel in distress turns out to be a demon in disguise, and Miroku's powerful wind tunnel weapon begins to unravel, threatening to consume him!

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 11 (Color)

Kagome sense something of Inuyasha's struggle in the plight of another half-demon, the gentle giant Jinenji, who is unfairly accused of terrorizing his village... but can she convince Inuyasha to help? Later, what a poisonous fog spreads across the land, Inuyasha and the others are sure that the evil Naraku must be behind it.

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 12 (Color)

Inuyasha meets an old demon named Totosai who turns out to be the swordsmith who forged the mighty Tetsusaiga for Inuyasha's father. Totosai offers to teach Inuyasha how to harness the full power of the fearsome weapon in exchange for protection from Inuyasha's evil half-brother Sesshomaru, who has threatened to kill Totosai if he refuses to craft a new sword just for him!

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 13 (Color)

Kagome's ability to sense the presence of sacred jewel shards has now put her in danger, because it's for this talent that Koga kidnaps her! Thrust into the middle of a war and unwillingly betrothed to Koga, Kagome waits for Inuyasha and the others to rescue her. And to make matters worse, Naraku returns to pit Inuyasha against Koga... in a duel to the death!

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 14 (Color)

Still locked in a duel to the death Koga the wolf-demon, Inuyahsa is unable to convince his foe that their battle is a trap set by the evil Naraku! Even if Koga finally accepts the truth, will it be too late? The peril increases when Naraku's servants Kagura and Kanna arrive on the scene! With Inuyasha injured and the new enemies wielding unfamiliar techniques, does he have any chance of winning the fight?

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 15 (Color)

When Inuyasha battles evil shape-shifter Naraku's latest incarnation, a mind-reading demon named Goshinki, he may be in over his head! Inuyasha's attacks are rendered useless in the face of Goshinki's ability to anticipate every strike, and Inuyasha is dealt a devastating blow when his precious sword, Tetsusaiga, is broken! But the fracture of the sword leads to new revelations about Inuyasha's destiny...

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 16 (Color)

Finding themselves under attack by Naraku's new incarnations Juromaru and Kageromaru, can Inuyasha and Koga the wolf-demon put their differences aside long enough to join forces against these formidable opponents? And when Kikyo makes a discovery about Naraku that places her in grave danger, Inuyasha must face a difficult decision...

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 17 (Color)

Inuyasha and the others may have found the lair of their enemy, the mysterious Naraku, but his castle now lies in abandoned ruins! Could Kohaku - Sango's brother and fellow demon slayer - have escaped from Naraku's control?

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 18 (Color)

To prove that his strength has surpassed his father's, Inuyasha must kill a demon that his father once fought and sealed into dormancy. Slaying the sleeping beast should be a simple task, but when the evil Naraku interferes, things get complicated...

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 19 (Color)

Inuyasha and the others come upon a temple inhabited by a false mentor, who feeds upon others who want to become sages. When Kagome is captured and the night of the new moon is upon Inuyasha, can he rescue her without any of his powers?

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 20 (Color)

In his quest to kill Kagome, Naraku seeks a new ally: Tsubaki, a dark priestess who specializes in curses. Tsubaki agrees to help Naraku, but only after he promises her the nearly complete Jewel of the Four Souls, which she has long thirsted for. Can Inuyasha's friends break Tsubaki's curse before it forces him to relive a nightmarish experience from his past?

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 21 (Color)

Tsubaki flees to the ancient temple where she trained as a youth. Momiji and Boton, two naive priestesses trained by the same priest who once trained Tsubaki, believe her when she claims she's being pursued by an "evil demon" and set out to confront Inuyasha and the others. The two guardians of the temple now gone, Tsubaki reveals the true reason she's returned - an evil power that's been sealed away for generations!

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