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Slayers Season 5 DVD Set (Hyb) (Slayers Evolution-R)

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Reviews of this title:

mike m - Apr 13 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
Better with age!
If you liked the original Slayers you are in for a treat. I saw these during a recent con and was very glad I did. Same cast same wacky storytelling and antics...with updated animation.

Very well done.

J Green - May 16 2010
Rating: Pretty good!
For me-all Slayers is good.
This is pretty much classic Slayers-and by definition Lina Inverse. It pretty much wraps up all the loose ends in Revolution. What amazes me is that they were able to get almost all of the originial english va's back for this including Lisa Ortiz-one that I don't miss is David Moo as Xellos. If you're a Slayers fan you owe it to yourself to get this.