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Wallflower DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - S.A.V.E. Edition

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Reviews of this title:

Diamon G. Lennon - Nov 29 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
A lovely and very endearing anime.
I loved this anime so much because I feel it captured the whole idea of a person's individuality. It really gets the idea across in a way that helps the viewer(s) feel a connection I guess you could call it. Wallflower is a must see.

Josie Franco - Jan 16 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
This is one of my all time favorite anime! I love it so much! Its funny and dark and sunako chan is the best anime character ever! Its super cheap too!

Bob Samurai - Feb 21 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
One of my favorite comedy anime!
Don't let the cover fool you. I was at first skeptical over the art. I assumed it would be some girly show full of....whatever girly anime are filled with.. I bought this because of a trusted friends recommendation and despite going into this with a somewhat negative outlook it became one of my favorite comedy anime of all time. In fact i even watched this anime twice the first week. Its the only series I have re watched so fast. Both sub and dub are good. The ending perfectly wraps everything up. To compare this to any more popular anime, it has the high class atmosphere of Oruran Highschool Hostclub with the characters chemistry of Fruits Basket with a bit of dark comedy. Ive seen over 200 anime, THIS is a real hidden gem. MUST WATCH!!