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Freddie Merck - May 20 2009
Rating: This sucked!
Wasted Potential
First, let me say that I absolutely loved the first season, Gundam SEED. Destiny, however, is a train wreck that completely wastes everything the first season built up.

To be fair, the first 12 or so episodes are actually really good, but it all goes downhill from there. As the show progresses it becomes very clear that there is no real focus and you'll often be wonder who exactly the main character is supposed to be. Even worse though is the abysmal character development - essentially the characters from the previous season go through all the same stuff they did before as if they suddenly forgot what happened in the past.

Action in this series is really pretty bad. With a few exceptions, almost all the battles consist of Gundams spamming their beam weapons and destroying faceless grunts over and over again. It gets old fast, and seeing the same animations used over and over again doesn't help.

If there's one good thing about Gundam SEED Destiny it's the music - it's some of the best in the entire Gundam franchise, though it's not worth buying the show for. Buy the OST if you're interested.

Unless you are a die-hard fan/collector you should avoid Destiny like the plague. At the very least you should rent and try it before committing any money to a show this bad.