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Golgo 13: The Professional DVD (Hyb)

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James A. Hott - Aug 14 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
The best US release of The Professional
I've been a fan of Golgo 13 for a few years now. I've gotten to see The Professional a few times in the past and I will say that the film is worth watching for a few reasons. The Professional is a very stylistic action movie about the legendary assassin Golgo 13.

What makes this release better then the other releases is a few things. The major things is that this has a good looking restoration on it as well as being un-edited. Interviews and Commentaries are included with Mata Yamamoto (Producer) and Osamu Dezaki (Director). Other special features include sketches and another commentary from Jonathan Clements.

This is a great release of a great film and should be gotten.