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Little My Maid CDRom Game (Windows) Adult

You are Ouji Kamogawa, age 19. One of the brightest students in high school and considered by your teachers and parents to be a shoo-in for the best four-year universities. Unfortunately, your dreams of university came crashing to an end when you failed your entrance exams and lost your beloved Yukari at the same time.

Time has passed. You're enrolled in a cram school where you study for next year's college entrance exams, but you're so devastated by your breakup with Yukari that you're unable to concentrate on your studies. Ashamed, you wander to the seaside, where you enjoyed your last summer with your lover.

Suddenly, you hear a sweet voice, crying out for help. It's a beautiful woman - a young maid-in-training - about to be subjected to a terrible fate at the hands of a band of hoodlums. Thinking fast, you are able to save her virtue.

She takes you to the house she works at, Sea Dragon Mansion, which overlooks the mist-shrouded seaside. There you encounter her two sisters, also maids-in-training: the proud and capable Hina and the delightfully cute Mayu-chan. You also meet the mysterious mistress of the mansion, Hime, and the cold trainer-of-maids, Aya.

A wonderful example of Japan's excellent bishoujo game world at its finest, Little My Maid offers a wonderful story with multiple endings and fantastic replay value - 11 endings in all! A fully interactive variety adventure game, the game supports character points - Love, Trust and Personal Strength - which rise and fall as you interact with the rich cast of characters in this very special world.

In addition to an excellent original CD soundtrack, the game's thoroughly modern game engine supports full voice - the characters speak in their beautiful Japanese voices, with fully animated mouths, while the English appears on-screen. Characters designs are by the popular Japanese illustrator Shikagenagi, the character designer of Snow Drop.

Screen Shots:
Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3

System Requirements:
System Windows 95/98/Me
P133 or higher (Direct X 5.0 or higher compatible)
Full color (16 bit) graphics support
Memory 32 MB or greater


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