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Magic Knight Rayearth DVD 4 (Hyb): Twilight

Welcome to Cephiro, a magical world where belief is power. A mysterious land, which is held together by the prayers of Princess Emeraude, its Pillar. Now, Cephiro is in danger of crumbling to nothingness as High Priest Zagato holds its Pillar captive. In a last, desperate attempt to save the world, Emeraude summons the legendary Magic Knights... Three young girls from another world who are destined to save the dying land.

Episode 13: The Most Valuable Thing in This World
Back on track after their encounter with Caldina, the girls resume their trek to the shrine in the sky. But Caldina has one up on them -- she cleverly creates a diversion to separate Fuu from the others, and then gains control of Umi and Hikaru! Faced now with three enemies instead of one, Fuu must fight her friends in order to save them.

Episode 14: Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu's Unyielding Wish
The girls decide to organize their thoughts about what they have done and what they need to do. Suddenly, a strange flash of light interrupts them and whisks Umi, Fuu, and Mokona away! Desperately, Hikaru searches the land for her friends, but with no success. In despair, Hikaru finds the will to continue onward and do anything necessary to rescue her friends.

Episode 15: The Second Rune-God: Windam, the Lord of the Skies
As the Magic Knights journey upward to the shrine in the sky, they bump into Ferio. The wily young man is accompanied by a girl who had gotten lost in the mountains. Ferio's relationship with the girl causes Fuu much distress, which is a dangerous thing when one is being tested by a Rune-God.

Episode 16: A Powerful Foe! Lafarga the Swordmaster
The girls resume their quest, this time for the third and last of the Rune-Gods. Their path is once again blocked by monsters, one of which captures Umi and flies away! As the girls pursue the monster, a tall swordsman appears and slays the monster effortlessly. Unfortunately, their rescuer is Lafarga, a minion sent by Zagato to kill the Magic Knights.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English Subtitles.


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