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Sex Taxi Complete Collection DVD (Hyb) Adult

Contains Sex Taxi volumes 1-3!

Sex Taxi 1
Through the steamy back streets of the city stalks the sex taxi. This deceptively innocent cab has a terrible secret: its shadowy driver searches for unsuspecting young women to take as a fare. Unbeknownst to these lovely ladies, this cab ride isn't going to end; all that enter the backseat are forced into servitude as sex toys for the driver's high-paying clientele. Who will be the next fare to fall victim to the taxi's sensual trappings as it cruises the streets?

Sex Taxi 2
As night falls, new opportunities arise. The sex taxi continues its malevolent stalking as it roams the night in search of new fares. The mysterious driver collects more unsuspecting women and adds them to his growing harem of sex slaves. Can the lovely ladies trapped by the sex taxi endure the humiliation and torture of its perverted clientele, or will they succumb to carnal pleasures of fetish and torture?

Sex Taxi 3
There is new prey this time around. One is a young proprietress named Kyoko of a Japanese restaurant, and the other is a cute nurse named Nanami. There's something about their bodies that excites the men. All the materials have been gathered to blackmail them. They'll end up being nothing but toys from here on.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

  • Format - Hybrid

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