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Eden of the East DVD Complete Series (Hyb)

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Jeff Price - Apr 9 2011
Rating: Pretty good!
Naked in Washington DC
This anime starts out with a young Japanese tourist named Saki trying to throw a coin into a fountain far behind the fence protecting the White House. As the Secret Service start questioning her, a naked guy with a pistol and a fancy cell phone appears and (obviously) distracts everyone. We learn that he has no memory, but has a “safe house” with tons of illicit paraphernalia, like fake IDs and weapons. He takes the name Takizawa and the two of them head back to Japan where they wind on neck deep in a twisted game where players have unlimited resources and try to remake the world.

I found this anime entertaining. The story was interesting enough to keep me watching. And the animation was pretty good. There are levels of complexity revealed as we learn more about Takizawa and the game that his is a part of. Who are the other players and what are they trying to accomplish? How can Saki help him in playing the game when she doesn’t even know what who Takizawa really is?

People who like action anime like Canaan, Darker than Black or even Golgo 13 might enjoy this series.