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Not So Bad Graphic Novel 1

A wealthy heartthrob so fastidious that even love couldn't dent his armor has suddenly - and inexplicably - agreed to give succor to a jobless drifter who can't even make proper tea.

Eunhee is a rich superstar suffering from boredom and ennui. Gain is a homeless vagabond with the face of an innocent child. By a whimsical twist of events and a moment of caprice, they find themselves sharing Eunhee's cozy bachelor's pad.

It is as if the world has conspired to bring them together, and neither of them really knows why. Eunhee's apartment is spacious enough for two, but there is only one bedroom, the nights have grown cold, and the sofa is not a fit place to sleep. Soon Eunhee and Gain find themselves next to each other as they share the warmth of their dreams.

Story and art by E. Hae.


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