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Kare Kano Graphic Novel 1 (His and Her Circumstances)

Straight A's, athlete and overall "Ms. Popularity," Yukino, is the perfect student. Or at least that's how she appears to the outside world. But when the curtains are drawn, a lazy young egomaniac lurks who will do anything and everything to be the top student in her school.

Yukino finds her resolve put to the test as after years as the Idol of her class a threat emerges in the more perfect Soiichiro. A good-natured, studious and athletic boy, he is her equal in every way but one - behind the act is a genuine heart driven to succeed.

Yukino is desperate to regain her status any way she can, but through embarrassing flub-ups at every turn, Soiichiro remains untouched even as they find respect for one another, and maybe, after all the dust has cleared, something more.

Story and art by Masami Tsuda.


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